Rules of the testers' area

This area was created for testing and discussing new Alawar's products.

New testers are accepted all the time.
Requirements for new testers: tester must have purchased one or more games.
Tester's account can be cancelled due to a 3-month inactivity period (no visits to the area).

To become a tester, send a request here:

Testers must provide the following information during the registration:

  1. The real first and last names
  2. A valid email address
  3. An order number of any purchased game.
Forum rules:
  1. Discussions are carried out in English.
  2. Obscenities are prohibited.
  3. No serial numbers or game coupons are allowed.
  4. No offensive or abusive behavior will be tolerated.
Guaranteed bonuses for testers:
A 45% off coupon for the tested game.
Requirements for obtaining a coupon: testers must send game feedback with detailed comments and dxdiag information.

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